!!!!! Welcome to the D Bar J Hat Company

Welcome to the D Bar J Hat Company

dave3front_1.jpgD Bar J Hat Company has been making the finest custom hats in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1989. Each and every one of our hats are hand made by our founder and Master Hatter David Johnson. David personally hand makes each and every hat to order using equipment dating back to the 1800s’


David_DeCosta.jpgFrom the daily hat wearer to the mainstream entertainer. From period re-enactment to the personal modern classic. We do it all. If you see a hat in a movie that you like, have an old picture, or if you can draw the hat on a napkin, our Master Hatter can probably make the hat of your dreams for you.


wildshot2_3-1.jpgAny color, any style, any era; You will get the hat that you want, the way that you want it, and the fit that is perfect for you. All of our hats are made to the size and shape of your head.


We use only the finest fur felt and hand woven straw bodies to make our hats.


Please note that the URLs for Shelby's Fine Fedoras has lead you to this page. Shelby's Fine Fedoras has been consolidated under the D Bar J Hat Company brand.


(Pictures top to bottom; David Johnson, Master Hatter, David DeCosta (Frank Sinatra Impersonator), and Wildshot).


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